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Lista de produtos da marca Niepoort

Currently Eduard Dirk Niepoort is in front of the company, which has passed the hands of the fifth generation of Niepoorts since Eduard Rudolf Niepoort formally retired from the company's life in 2005.

Dirk (born 1964), discovered the world of wines during his years of study in Switzerland. In 1987 integrate a family business along with his father Rolf Niepoort, accepting the special challenge of innovating keeping as good traditions of Niepoort.
Quinta do Carril in Cima Corgo, a region that traditionally produces the best wines of Porto. The first step of importance in the response to this challenge for an acquisition of the first vineyards of their own.
In 1993 a Niepoort launched its first red wine: Redoma, Harvest 1991. The Redoma White (1995) was released in 1996.
The acquisition of the winery in Vale Mendiz (Douro) in 2003 allowed Niepoort to concentrate a harvest and winemaking of its Port wines on the spot, while at Quinta de Nápoles they concentrate as the league to the table. The aging (stage), storage and stocking of the wines continue to take place in the Niepoort Caves in Vila Nova de Gaia.

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