The Famous Grouse 12



The Famous Grouse 12 years is an exceptional blend made from selected hulls of malt and grain whiskeys.

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AppearanceGolden, dark, clear and bright.
NoseRich aroma, full of aroma, balancing the oak wood with a brief allusion to peach.
TasteTaste rich, full of flavor, fruity and woody, smooth, well ripened with a long finish, clean and half dry.
Envelhecimento12 years

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The unique richness of its flavor and its unmatched softness make it known as "The Silk of Scotland." Master Blender Gordon Miller has developed a new TFG 12Anos, presenting itself as the richest and most powerful result of a larger portion of single malts dominant with the charm of sweet-grain whiskey.
Part of its composition are two of the best malts in the world: Highland Park and Macallan.


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