The Famous Grouse Citrus 1L


Creating a great blended whisky – and Scotland’s favourite – isn’t magic. It is, however, an intricate process that sees the finest whiskies brought together again and again to recreate our unique blend.

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Successfully blending whiskies together doesn’t happen overnight. In fact it can take months. Each element of the whisky has to gradually get to know the other until they can live happily ever after. This process is known as ‘marrying’ and means we can avoid any harsh filtration. The result is a whisky that’s as clear and bright as the others, but which retains some of the mysterious notes and smooth round flavour that filtration can take away.

It’s a fusion of elements and of skills – the arts of the blender, the cooper and the stillman, the malt with the grain, the time, temperature and timber in the maturation and marrying process.


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