Roberto Cavalli Night 1L



The shape of the Roberto Cavalli Vodka ‘Night Edition TOTAL BLACK 2017’ blends with the color of the night and stands out for its sophisticated elegance.

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AppearanceHas a clear appearance.
NoseNotes of nuts, walnuts, cream and spice aromas.
TasteA very flexible entry, leads to a dry smooth tannin, medium bodied, with spice flavors. Long finish with waves of sweet pepper and powdered sugar.

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The Roberto Cavalli Vodka ‘Night Edition TOTAL BLACK 2017’ is part of a series of personalized limited edition bottles, specifically designed for the world of the night. Produced only in a 1000 ml size and distributed in allocated quantities only, the new bottle was developed using a total coating of organic ink, cured with a UV light, thus ensuring extraordinary resistance and strength. The white and black serigraphy is also made with organic ink while the logo emerges in a branded hot silver color.


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