Zacapa 23 Solera with Glasses



Born in Guatemala, Rum Zacapa 23 is aged in warehouses located at 2,300 meters above sea level, located below the upper slopes of the mountains and volcanoes of the region.

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Appearance Mogno claro, com os tons de envelhecimento.
NoseNotas de frutas, especiarias, chocolate, amêndoa e baunilha, onde se nota o delicado envelhecimento.
TasteUma mistura complexa e interessante de sabores como mel, caramelo, carvalho picante e nozes. O sabor é denso e extremamente equilibrado, deixando na boca um gosto longo e agradável.

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Low temperatures and high humidity help a lot in reducing the natural evaporation during the process. Rum Zacapa 23 results in a blend of runs of the same type but with different personalities and ages of aging.
All the bottles have a handmade ornament worked with intertwined ribbons, obtained from the Royal Palm (variety of characteristic palm of the area). This ornament is unique (no two equals), handmade and is one of the sources of revenue of the local population.


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