Sharish Laurinius



Gin Sharish will get his name from the village of Monsaraz (sharish means xara, jara, or esteva).

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Sharish Laurinius is a Limited Edition of 3883 bottles, which has been staged for 1 year in Lourinhã Vintner barrels, one of the only 3 demarcated regions of brandy in the World (like Cognac and Armagnac). The idea for this edition came from a visit by the officials responsible for Aguardente Louriana XO, Paulo Marcelino and João Brito, to the Sharish Gin Distillery. The idea was promptly accepted by António Cuco and it was agreed that it would be a version of the Sharish Original Gin, in which the Brave Apple of Esmolfe was replaced by Pera-rocha do Oeste and an extra botanical, the Loureiro leaf, in honor of Lourinhã .


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