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Gin 13
  • Gin 13

Gin 13

A Gin with young appearance, with slight hops notes but with fresh and citric final taste.

21,40 €

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It conveys the mystical message that luck is made, hence the name Gin 13 - the design of the bottle also transmits this symbolism associated with the "number of chance", with the use of black cat, clover and skulls. The thirteenth ingredient of this Gin is hops, which is used in craft beers. Gin 13 is the first Portuguese Gin of rotation, with 13 botanists: juniper, coriander seed, lemon, tangerine, cardamom, ginger, almond, angelica root, licorice, prince herb, jasmine flower, black tea and hops. Distilled in traditional Portuguese stills: base of cereals distilled in naked flame 4 times, then distilled again with all the botanists inside the alembic, except the lemon and the prince herb, which are placed in the basket of botanists.

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