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Alexander Cognac is produced in the heart of the Great Champagne area where white vine varieties are grown (Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard). White and light wines, with an alcoholic strength of about 8% vol., high acidity and ideal for distillation are obtained from them. 

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 The delicacy and fragrance, which make Alexander Cognac unique, are due to the double distillation process and the use of the traditional Charentais alembics with direct flame. The alembics are completely made of copper because it allows isolating the acid and fat parts produced by the wine when boiling, which could alter the taste of the final product. The wine is brought to a temperature of 95°-100° C for 8-10 hours, obtaining a row distillate called “Bruillis”, which develops an alcoholic strength of 25-30% vol. A second distillation lasting 12 hours, called “bonne chauffe”, follows. The head and the tail are removed from what is obtained from it. Only the heart, a clear and aromatic distillate with an alcoholic strength of 65-72% vol., is kept. This eau de vie, which is the true ‘soul’ of wine, is young Cognac ready for ageing.


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