One of the original 26 Grand Marque Champagne Houses, Ayala has had a noble history since its inception in 1860 when Edmond de Ayala received the magnificent Chateau as the dowry for his wedding. Located in Aÿ, in the heart of the Montagne de Reims vineyards, Ayala naturally focuses on Grand Cru Pinot Noir for its Brut Majeur and its Vintage Brut. 

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The Cuvee Perle d'Ayala deserves its name as the House itself is a jewel in Champagne. Of course the grapes come exclusively from Grand Cru vineyards, and are harvested in a vintage year.
The cuvee is made with the base wine of the vintage Blanc de Blancs to which the cellar master adds 20 % of Grand Cru Pinot Noir.
What makes the Perle so unique is that it is aged in the cellars with a natural cork closure, which enables the wine to have an exchange with the air and to develop beautiful and complex aromas.


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