Amour de Deutz



Exclusively produced from the chardonnay grape.

This wine is an exceptional aperitif drink, yet the natural richness of this vintage also gives the substance to continue through the meal where it will amplify pure and delicately flavoured dishes such as sushi, sashimi, tuna carpaccio or even caviar : as well as lobster, sea bass or halibut.

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Data sheet

AppearanceIts crystal-clear, bright gold hue is enlightened by a quivering stream of airy bubbles.
NoseThe nose is subtle and delicate, showing considerable freshness. Floral hints of linden and honeysuckle mingle with delicious aromas of yellow peach and fresh almonds
TasteSmooth and harmonious showing its intensity. Flavors reminiscent of boiled apples and pears and apricots. The final notes of pink grapefruit and ripe gooseberries show the pleasant aromatic complexity of the wine


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