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Lista de produtos da marca Excellia

Excellia™ is the fruit of the meeting of two visionary men:
Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder of Maison Villevert, groundbreaking brand creator and producer (G'Vine gin and esprit de June liqueur) and Carlos Camarena, precursor and award-winning tequila master-distiller (Tapatio and El Tesoro tequilas) and at the origin of the "Extra-Añejo" category.

Sharing the same common values, the two men respect the traditions, know-hows and the culture they’re coming from while implementing their innovative vision to the spirit industry.
Excellia™ benefits from the influence of three different regions and two cultures, Los altos (Jalisco, Mexico), Sauternes region (France) and Cognac region (France) .
Like the meaning of the word « Excellence », Excellia™ possesses premium qualities in an eminent degree. Excellia™ provides elegance, sophistication, roundness and smoothness to the tequila category.

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