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Lista de produtos da marca Cazadores

Tequila CAZADORES®, maintains pride in its origins and has remained true to its heritage with the same original recipe since 1922. 

The birthplace amiss the highlands of Jalisco: Arandas, has resisted the temptation of modernity.
It is in this pure place that Don José Maria wandered into the bold blue fields of agave and dreamed of crafting a superior product.
From the window of José Maria’s adobe farmhouse, the agave leaves cut spiked silhouettes against the night sky, wild deers.
He loved them for their boldness, beauty and pride—which is why, from the start, the stag was imprinted upon the label of José Maria’s most precious creation: Tequila CAZADORES®.
A Maestro Tequilero oversees the double-fermentation, double-distillation and careful maturation of the Highland 100% blue agave tequila using José Maria’s original recipe.

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