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Lista de produtos da marca Teacher's

To create a winning blended scotch whiskey, it takes years of experience and detailed knowledge of distilleries and whiskeys. Master Blender selects and interprets the composition of single malt and grain whiskey to create the exclusive flavor profile. Teacher's malt is smoked in peat, giving our whiskey a striking flavor and an amber color.

Our whiskey stands out for its high portion of single smoked malt. Traditionally the barley is dipped in water and placed on malt floors to allow the beans to germinate using controlled temperatures. The grilled peas are then used to infuse the green malt with a bit of sweetened smokey while drying in the oven. The degree of smoking of malt whiskey depends on how long the malt has been dried over the peat fire. Once dried, the malt can be stored for several weeks.

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