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Lista de produtos da marca Dom Cristina

The Cristina family produces Brandy and Mel's most famous liqueur from Portugal 60 years ago. Made with the original recipe of the grandfather Oliveiros Cristina, with the dedication with which the father David Cristina has won countless prizes, and with the motivation with which the son David Cristina continues to produce it.

The inimitable flavor of a family secret that is part of the history of the Algarve and the experience of the masters of the Cristina family.
Today, this tasty blend of honey, brandy and medronho, flavored with mountain plants, is aged in French oak casks to retain all the qualities of a natural product.

Although modern filling and filtration processes have been introduced, the preparation and aging of the liquor in oak casks continues to be meticulously followed.
There is also a careful choice of the best honey, medronho and brandy to maintain a high standard of quality and flavor.
Like 60 years ago, the liquor is produced by the same family company, which is very proud of the consistency of quality, which today translates into the most internationally awarded liquor in Portugal

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