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Lista de produtos da marca Caves Neto

The CAVES NETO was founded in 1931 by Horácio Neto Costa. Located in the heart of Bairrada, the NETO COSTA Caves came to fulfill their vocation in an area that from the end of the nineteenth century, would produce Natural Sparkling wine according to the so-called "Champagne Method".

Its natural cave, excavated on the slopes of Monte Crasto, has been enlarged over the years and has the ideal conditions for the creation of Natural Sparkling, allowing the stage to run at a constant temperature of 12 to 14º. Over the years, CAVES NETO COSTA has been expanding the area of ​​activity to the production of liquors, spirits and syrups, creating and developing exclusive formulas, a result of the genius and knowledge of Horácio Neto Costa and later of his son António Neto Costa.


With the success and expansion of the various product ranges, a Liquor Production unit was inaugurated in 1980 that allowed the growth and development of this area, within the highest quality standards, while maintaining the characteristics of the traditional method of production, from the distillate of the natural ingredients of each of the Liquors and Spirits.

Nowadays CAVES NETO COSTA are proud to present a claw of QUALITY SPARKLING WINES, QUIET WINES, AGUARDENTS, LIQUORS, SPIRITS and XAROPES of recognized quality.

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