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Lista de produtos da marca Mombasa Club

In the late nineteenth century, in the heart of Victorian times, the great British empire ruled the trade routes and most of the trade of goods between East and West.

The most important discovery at the time was the coastal town of Mombasa, in front of the island of Zanzibar, which, due to its strategic position, did not take long to become the main port and commercial center of all of East Africa. And it was here that the Mombasa club was founded in 1885 by the British. The Mombasa Club was an essential part of colonial life and became famous and popular as a leisure space, a meeting place where its members held lively debates while sipping a tonic gin, which since that time was distilled and bottled a special gin for the exclusive consumption of the members that frequented the club. It is this spirit that the Gin Club.

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