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Lista de produtos da marca Zimbro, Licores Serrano Lda

The company Licores Serrano Lda. Has been engaged in the production of liqueurs and spirits for more than 25 years, as well as its distribution in Brazil and abroad. He began his activity in the late 80's in the village of Tortosendo, on the slopes of Serra da Estrela, by the hands of his mentor Artur Aleixo accompanied by a solid and fundamental team of collaborators to this day.

Beginning its activity by producing the traditional liqueurs of Serra da Estrela - one of the business cards of this fantastic region - and some products of market follow-up, the Liqueurs Serrano was sustaining its growth and progressing over the years, counting currently with a portfolio of approximately 70 products / brands of own production such as Licor Serrano, Ginja Serra da Estrela or Wild Snow Dog dry gin.Expressing an attractive and seductive image, Licores Serrano products link the ancestral flavors with current trends and consumer preferences, and are designed based on the premise of quality, innovation, commitment and values ​​in relation to the market. Based on these principles, the company establishes as a guide or mission to meet the preferences of the market over time, always combining the very high quality of its products with strong partnerships, loyalty and proximity to its customers for their satisfaction.Currently, Licores Serrano has two distribution bases - Tortosendo-Covilhã (headquarters) and Lisbon - and continues with the design of new projects and products with a view to strengthening its presence in the national market, such as the growth and realization of new customers in new markets.

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