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Lista de produtos da marca Sharish

Sharish brand was born with gins, made with fresh fruit and botanicals that are individually distilled, and subject to a secret blend and final "rest" before bottling. Technically they are gins because the distillate of juniper is majority in the blend.

In this sequence, the development of a range of Sharish range for Vodkas has been devised.
The process involved bottling some of the individual distillations (of a single fruit), the gins process.
We identified the 5 most interesting from an organoleptic and commercial point of view.
The most impressive from the point of view of the aroma and flavor. Vodka will be sent to the international competitions.
The most desired from the point of view of the curiosity of the Sharish fan community!
The most consensual vodka in the collection, from the point of view of mixology, with a citrus aroma to pure fresh fruit.
With a touch of magic, this vodka has, in its constitution, a base of the Blue Magic. It is a strong product among the female audience.

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