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Lista de produtos da marca Nordés

The project began after the meeting of some friends, sommelier Xoan Torres Cannas and winemaker Juan Luis Méndez, who later would be partners in this journey.

Aware that after gin and tonic fever, vodka is the drink with the greatest potential and acceptance by the consumer, they decided to launch the first Galician vodka made at the Aguardientes de Galicia factory in the city of A Coruña de Vedra.
Vodka is usually a distillate made from cereal grains or vegetables rich in starch, such as wheat, rye or potatoes. In Poland, potato vodka began to be processed, but was soon replaced by cereals due to the high cost of the tuber. So Nordés Vodka is not an experiment, but rather it is made with one of the best potatoes in the world, the Galin potato from Xinzo de Limia in Orense and that is the differentiation that these entrepreneurs want to give.
Twelve varieties of Galician potato were tested for the preparation of this drink, finally only two of them passed the test to remain, the acid variety and the Kennebec, both with a great quantity of starch necessary to reach a quality drink.

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