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Lista de produtos da marca Ferreira Duque

"Founded in 1942, FERREIRA DUQUE is a cohesive company with a sustained growth through the bet on new technologies and the investment in new methods of control, which has allowed us to gradually increase the market share.

The Products are produced from the transformation of their ingredients, using traditional methods of infusion, maceration and distillation guaranteeing the palates and aromas of each of the ingredients, based on our Improved Family Recipes throughout the generations.
The brand FERREIRA DUQUE has been in the market for more than 70 years, however, as a dynamic company that we are, we never stop innovating and for this very reason, we have been betting on the creation of New Products always having as base, the careful selection of each one of the ingredients, fruits, plants and aromas for the full exploitation of its properties, this method of manufacture, combined with the wisdom of experience, results in a range of syrups, spirits and spirits with unique flavors and aromas!
Over the years we have been betting on the constant renewal of the image and the development of new products, never neglecting the rigor and quality that characterize us. "

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