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Lista de produtos da marca Ricard

It all began in 1930 Marseille, when cafes sold any liquor based on anise, the liquor of fashion, most of them with illicit manufactures and very sweet for the taste of consumers.

At Sainte-Marthe, Paul Ricard, the son of a wine merchant, dreamed of finding a formula "that would suit all tastes." One day, in 1932, he finally had his recipe, and declared: "will be called Ricard, the true Pastis of Marseille!" Ricard pastis owes its reputation to a unique recipe that has always remained a well-kept secret. The quality and variety of the natural ingredients used make the Ricard an unparalleled pastis. The main ingredient is the aniseed mixed with the best fruits, which are sun dried before its first distillation. A Ricard specialist then selects the best anise essences to ensure the full quality of Ricard.

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