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Lista de produtos da marca Berkeley Square

Berkeley Square London Dry Gin is produced in one of the oldest distilleries in the UK, G&J Distillers, in Cheshire.

Part of the Joanne Moore’s creation was inspired by the herbs of English gardens. By adding basil, sage, lavender and kaffir lime leaves, she has successfully managed to add lightness and fresher herbaceous notes to the conventional gin base. It is precisely this complimentary aspect to gin’s traditional tones (familiar to the gin palate) and not the unusual choice of botanicals for the sake of diversity, that is the nicest element to Berkeley Square. Without doubt Berkeley Square is a different interpretation of what a gin embodies, but it does so without disregarding the core values of the category.
To compliment the different selection of botanicals, the distillation itself is no ordinary task either. Berkeley Square Gin is made using a two-day technique called a bouquet garni. In short, the core botanicals are left to macerate for a day with the others added into the mix (wrapped in muslin) on the second day. Once they have infused the mix with their essential oils, the still is run in a careful and slow process with the final spirit bottled at 40% ABV.

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