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Lista de produtos da marca The Macallan

The basis for all Macallan lies in the spirit of the "new brand"; from the quality of the barley, to the soft spring water from the holes in the Macallan estate, to the final distillation in our curiously small spirit attractions - the smallest in Speyside.

More than 40 farmers exclusively grow minstrel barley for The Macallan. Low in nitrogen and high in starch, it contributes to the characteristically rich and oily character of the "new brand" spirit, so important for the long aging of wood, especially in Spanish oak barrels.
The unique size and shape of our stills give the spirit maximum contact with copper, helping to focus the "brand new" spirit, combined with the best cut that takes only the best 16% of the distillation to fill the barrel, provide those rich Flavors, fruity and fleshy, so characteristic of The Macallan.

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