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Lista de produtos da marca Stolichnaya

Since the beginning of the 20th century and to this day, the properties in which the high-quality wheat used in the production of the spirit of Stolichnaya is grown, are located in the Tambov region of Russia, where is also located its ultra-modern distillery - Talvis.

Stolichnaya's spirit is carefully distilled only three times in order to maintain the richness of Russian wheat. It is in the magnificent Latvijas Balzams - a cathedral for vodka production built by the Tsar in 1901 in Latvia - which concludes the productive process of Stolichnaya vodka. The spirit of Stolichanya is filtered 4 times, first through quartz sand and then through charcoal of Russian birch wood, and finally it is mixed with pure spring water, resulting in vodka of exceptional quality, which is also bottled in the Latvijas Balzams and only later shipped to several countries in the world.

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