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Lista de produtos da marca Hpnotiq

Hpnotiq is a drink that was born in New York but is bottled in France in the region of Cognac.

It was created by Raphael Yakoby, who after seeing a blue perfume in the Bloomingdale chain stores, decided to create a liqueur of the same color.
The drink quickly became popular in New York and at the moment is the fourth best selling liquor in the United States.
Hpnotiq is intended primarily for a young and urban audience with women's preference, who drink it as an alternative to cosmopolitan and dry martini cocktails. Coupled with the quality of the drink with advertising campaigns with celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Khloe Kardashian, Ashley Greene, Soleil Moon Frye, and Carmen Electra, Hpnotiq has become a reference drink in modern people who like the difference.

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