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Lista de produtos da marca Cachaça do Pontal

Cachaça do Pontal is produced artisanal, with millenarian techniques that give it unique sensorial aspects.

It is obtained through the distillation of the fermented sugarcane broth, planted and cultivated naturally, in the noble lands of Fazenda Pontal, rich in organic matter, deposited throughout the year, during the floods of the two major rivers of Minas Gerais: O Rio das Velhas and the São Francisco River, which border and are located in Pontal da fazenda, thus giving rise to the name "Cachaça do Pontal".
These are the natural factors, such as the sub-humid climate of the San Francisco Valley, the high incidence of solar radiation, low rainfall, naturally fertile soils, and especially the non-use of toxic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. The formation of a sugar cane with an exceptional quality standard, a very important factor in the production of the consecrated Cachaça do Pontal.
With a privileged location, fertile land and perfect harmony with nature in the production of sugarcane, and in cattle ranching, Fazenda Pontal is an excellent reference of sustainable production in the state of Minas Gerais and throughout Brazil.

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