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Lista de produtos da marca Pere Magloire

Pere Magloire is a Calvados house with a rich history established in 1821, by 1900 it was the number one selling Calvados brand in France. 

In 1968 Debrise-Dulac is taken over by Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, who contributes to the export development of Père Magloire
2001, Debrise-Dulac starts to distribute several prestigious independent alcool brands; Armagnac from Samalens (France), Cognac from Camus (France), Gin from Broker’s (England) and Porto and Sherry from Croft (Portugal).
And in 2005 Père Magloire maintains its position as the market leader brand of Calvados both in France and throughout the world.

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