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Lista de produtos da marca Bielle

The Distillerie Bielle is located on a plateau known as the "Bielle" section, at an altitude of 110 meters latitude.

In 1769 the Bielle family owns a coffee plantation.
1868 there is dissolution of the company and the heirs Espanet acquire the whole property which then counts an area of ​​52 hectares with:
A main house of 13m by 8,6m wooden two levels
A windmill in dry stones
A candy factory of 17m by 7.7m with a crew of 4 boilers (currently present)
17 boxes to growers
14 hectares are grown in cane
In 1955 the property, dwelling house and distillery are bought by Paul Rameaux.
And 1975 it is the date of takeover in hand by the Company of Exploitation of the Distillery Bielle (SEDB) of which the current person is the nephew of Paul Rameaux, Dominique Thiery.

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