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The world's tallest whiskey distillery is situated in one of the most unlikely places on earth - in the Himalayas, India, over 1800 meters above sea level. Settled in this secluded area around the year 1820, the idea was of the Scot Edward Dyer who saw in this locality a certain resemblance to Scotland, namely in terms of climate and the excellent quality of the local waters. The aim was to create a malt as good as Scotch whiskey, and to do this he brought all the necessary equipment directly from England and Scotland to the Himalayas. The truth is that until the mid-1980s, the whiskey produced here - "Solan No. 1" - was the best-selling Indian whiskey ever. Today, despite some decline as a result of fierce competition, the Kasauli distillery continues to be active and is considered the longest running distillery in Asia and one of the oldest distilleries in the world to work uninterruptedly.

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