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Rum is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of molasses and other derivatives of sugar production, in addition to fermented cane juice and subsequent distillation. Rum is a secular drink with refined characteristics and a mild aroma.
The drink began appearing in the seventeenth century, when it was released as a powerful medicine capable even of "exorcizing the demons of the body". It is also said that its high alcohol content (from 40 to 55 ° GL) made it famous among pirates since the 17th century, encouraging them before the fighting. It served as the currency of exchange for African slaves.
The distillation can be done in still or distillation column. In both, the result is a crystal drink. As for the golden color found in some types of the drink, it is due to aging in oak barrels or the addition of caramel colorings. The aged are much more expensive and, due to their peculiar and characteristic flavor, should be consumed pure or with ice.

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